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Sometimes on Fridays, you may see this bunch out for a fish fry in the community.

"MIM"  Award

Mariam Pierce was the sister of Lyman Pierce. She was a nurse and also served on the board of directors for Allegany Regional. Mariam was always ready to jump in and help wherever she could. She served as the agency's "helping hand." Each year the "MIM" award is given to an individual in the community that has lent a helping hand to Allegany Regional, whether it be through volunteering or maybe even through financial means, there are always those that we would like to show our appreciation to. This year's recipient was actually two people, Angela Kennedy and Sharon Ray. These two individuals have offered a yearly fund raiser to our agency through a golf tournament. Their time and hospitality are greatly appreciated by ARDC!

Lyman Pierce Award

Each year an individual from ARDC is chosen to receive the Lyman Pierce Award. The award is given to someone striving towards independence through commitment, cooperation and dedication. This year's recipient was Makyla Mix for her improved maturity of independence. She has shown great strides of growth this past year and has blossomed into adulthood.

December 03, 2017 Christmas Party

We all had a wonderful time at our annual Christmas party! There was a special visit from Santa which everyone seemed to enjoy. Also, we had a lot of great food as usual. Everyone was in great holiday spirits and left with smiles on their faces! Times like these are what puts a smile on our faces as well.

                                                  ~ Kathy Collingwood